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Warm winter jackets and parkas

You can’t control the weather, but you can choose not to let it control you. The right kind of jacket adds the right kind of attitude. Not just with what it stands for but also with what it can stand. On our streets there is a certain kind of people who will move forward with a positive attitude even when it’s raining herring. We’ve been making jackets with them in mind since 2001.
Elvine’s fall jackets, spring jackets, raincoats, winter coats and warm winter jackets are designed specifically for rough urban climates. We merge timeless designs with performance fabrics and smart functionality so that you can keep your head high throughout your day. And that’s regardless of how you choose to move: behind the wheel or on a skateboard, through rain or shine, on a Monday morning or a Saturday night. We call it CityFunction©.
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70 products