Maker of jackets

Our approach

Elvine pride ourself on a strong denim philosophy, but aim to produce a varied line that goes beyond denim, incorporating different materials, washes and treatments in order to give the clothes an effortless elegance. Hailing from a city hardened by the most rainfall in Sweden, we are best known for our well designed jackets.

We strive to produce clothes that transcend seasons, that are easy to wear and combine with the rest of your wardrobe, clothes with a good fit and clean cut, ornamented with innovative details that force others to take notice.

Our design process usually starts with a group discussion within the company, in order to find the framework for the collection and get a feeling about where we want to go with it. Then we travel to interesting places in order to get loads of impressions and inspiration.

We are very conscious about the production process, thinking ahead in regards to which textiles to use, how it’s going to be produced and which details might be suitable for the different garments. Quality is really important to us and we regularly visit our factories to find out about new textiles and techniques, and to get a feel for the production process. Our aim is that you should notice and feel this wearing our clothes.

The legacy

Our background

Elvine Mänd may not be known by a lot of people, but her legacy and name is embroidered on the behinds and across the hearts of many. Elvine worked as a seamstress in Estonia during the Second World War. When the Russians invaded, Elvine made a run for Estonia’s neighbour, Sweden.

In 1975, Elvine’s daughter gave birth to a boy named Daniel Mänd, who would revive Elvine in a whole new way. Daniel grew up in the outskirts of Gothenburg, and quickly became one with the streets and its graffiti culture. With the opening of his own street wear store, Daniel realized what it was he and his friends weren’t able to find in the clothing industry. He wanted to create something that came entirely from him and Gothenburg’s unrefined street culture, but made in the tradition of his grandmother.

Wanting to reach people from the street, Daniel found inspiration in his everyday life, and more importantly, in his friends. It was about having a good time and bringing his community closer together. And somehow, the founder had become the very essence of his own brand. The unsophisticated boy from the streets became obsessed with quality and sophisticated craftsmanship. Daniel’s life on the streets merged with his grandmother’s functional legacy to create a new kind of Elvine: Sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behavior.

The city’s seams

Our inspiration

Our products are companions for the everyday life in the city and all the aspects that come with it. We always design and produce garments aiming at reflecting an urban smartness and allowing for effortless elegance. Focussing on the common behaviors and needs of urban citizens, we make clothing for sidewalks rather than catwalks.

Our inspiration comes from all over, like late nights, Gothenburg, traveling and Japanese people. But most of all, our friends. From day one, we have always tried to create clothes that we and our friends can’t seem to find elsewhere on the market. Casual yet sophisticated clothes with a great fit. Clothes that you can feel comfortable wearing everyday and everywhere. We are a clothing brand inspired by the cities unrefined subcultures and the legacy of traditional craftsmanship.

Collaborations have always been a very important part of our philosophy and bringing in friends and artisans from Gothenburg have led to many laughs and many great products. Elvine have also always strived to give back to the city and its inhabitants. A few years ago, we opened The Creators Inn, where creatives from all over the world visiting Gothenburg could stay for free. Lately we have engaged in a similar campaign where each pair of jeans we sell gives someone with out a home shelter for one night.


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