At Elvine we are known for our stylish jackets with “city function”, by which we mean jackets for ordinary everyday use that keep out the wind and rain and are breathable too. In other words, our jackets are plenty functional enough for your regular urban lifestyle. Whether you’re commuting, exploring the shops or heading straight from work to a restaurant in the evening, you’ll stay feeling comfortable and well dressed through rain, sleet and snow.
In purely technical terms, city function means that our jackets either have a membrane or a coating applied to the downside of the outer fabric or an impregnation.

A membrane is a thin film that is laminated to the outer fabric and then protected in some way on the inside. Elvine’s jackets either have a 2-layer structure or a 3-layer structure. The 3-layer version is created by bonding together the outer fabric, the membrane and an internal lining. The 2-layer version feels softer and more flexible as the protective lining isn’t bonded to the other layers and is left loose instead. The membranes that we are using are made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) or Polyurethane (PU).

A coating is spread onto the downside of the outer layer. The coating is made from various forms of Polyurethane (PU).

You could say that the membrane is like wallpaper but the coating is like paint.

Even with a breathable membrane or coating making your jacket waterproof or water repellent, you may still need to undo your jacket for ventilation when you get hot.

When Elvine uses impregnation, we always use Bionic-Finish Eco, a water repellent finish free from environmentally harmful fluorinated compounds. The water droplets run off like beads. Like all impregnation, this surface finish will deteriorate after repeated washes, but can be reactivated by gently adding heat to the jacket with an iron at low temperature and an ironing cloth.

Water column
Water column is a measurement used to show the amount of water pressure a garment can cope with before it starts leaking. A garment with a water column of at least 1 500 mm can withstand rain and wind in normal everyday use. If it is exposed to high rain pressure for a long period, you would need a higher water column rating and that’s why many of Elvine’s jackets have a water column of at least 3 000, with some as high as 10 000.

To be called waterproof, all the seams need to be taped as well. If only vital seams are taped, e.g. the ones in the most vulnerable parts of the garment like shoulders, armholes, neck and hood, the garment can only be called water resistant or water repellent, even if the material itself is fully waterproof.

Jacket Care Guide
Being from Sweden, Elvine is also renowned for its love of style as much as its dislike of wear and tear, and waste.
Our Jacket Care Guide therefore contains some essential advice to extend the life of your Elvine jacket for as long as possible, while respecting the environment at the same time.
Click here to read the Jacket Care Guide

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