Elvine goes to South Africa

For Spring/Summer 2017, the Swedish fashion brand Elvine finds its inspiration in the forward-looking and optimistic South Africa. This “Rainbow Nation” of multicultural diversity and bubbling creativity represents a world so different from the slender country up north that the lingering question that de nes the collection is: How can we translate the South African look into something Nordic?

The answer to that is bold styling.

Minimalistic easy-to-wear garments are given a South African touch with elements such as strong all-over prints and airy ts. But the strongest impression of the South African expression is the effort- less and carefree styling where anything goes. So soft-pedal the Scandinavian minimalistic style and celebrate a no-rule mixing and matching!

The materials are relaxed and airy such as Summer Wool and linen, and also different linen combinations such as linen cotton, linen Tencel and linen wool. The dominating hand of the fabrics is as dry as the Kalahari Desert, which can be felt in not only the linen but also the jacquards with woven African patterns.

Patterns and colours
Key this season is bold South African inspired patterns in Scandinavian colours.

Men: In the menswear collection the colour combinations are light grey with white; greyish blue, clear blue with Dark Navy;
greige with different shades of grey. Other colours are dusty petrol, dusty purple, light yellow and black. All menswear patterns are slightly sloppy such as irregular geometrical arrangements in
different versions. One example of this is the blue-black-and-white all-over print inspired by the traditional African bulls-eye pattern.

Women: Different shades of nude in combination with different shades ofpetrol dominate the womenswear collection. Other colours are black and white. Key patterns are traditional African wax prints such as a new takeon the traditional African bulls-eye design. Other all-over prints are inspired by the South African marbled Emperor moth or black-and-white graphic arrangements.

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