Autumn/Winter 2017

After five seasons of capturing the soul of various metropoles around the world, the Swedish fashion brand Elvine has decided to stay in the city that they love most of all, Gothenburg. So for Autumn/Winter 2017, Elvine goes back to its roots, taking all the inspiration from the streets of Gothenburg where the founder Daniel Mänd grew up during the 70’s and 80’s. The memories that Daniel has from his hoods in the concrete suburb Kortedala, oozes of a heartfelt retro atmosphere, which he and the design team have interpreted into a minimalistic collection with a subtle eyewink to the 70’s, but also the 90’s skate culture.

"Even though I grew up in a pretty rough working-class neighbourhood, my friends and I were never that tough. Gothenburg was, and still is, a laid-back and friendly city. We want this to show in our collections, making a tribute to effortless unstrained styling", says founder and CD Daniel Mänd.